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Expect the Unexpected in Reading Enjoyment!

With a flair for the eclectic, Diane Tegarden, Author and President of FireWalker Publications, brings you a selection of “Books That Fuel Your Future”.

Experience this diverse collection, which includes a self-help divorce book that will fuel your personal freedom, an ebook of Diane's lyrical poetry fueling inspiration, a science fiction novel born from an environmental consciousness with its hooks deep in renewable energy technologies fueling your future and a budgeting book that will fuel your financial independence.

Join Diane as she discusses relationships, writing, creativity and healing on her numerous Talk Radio interviews, which are all archived on the Publicity Page, or tune in to her upcoming events by reading The Inkwell.


Budget on a Dime

Budgeting on a Dime:
10 Steps to Financial Independence

Light Through Shuttered Windows

How to Escape a Bad Marriage

Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time

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Book news

The Inkwell

I'm currently shopping for a literary agent for my sci-fi novel....